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Bloodwork - Chronicle of Days Past

Feb. 12th, 2017 07:57 pm Bloodwork

My oak tree went from yellowed leaves and some bare branches to pollen "flowers" to new green in the span of a couple weeks.  It was mostly warm this week, which didn't stop me from finally riding my bike to tutoring on Thursday.  I've been meaning to ever since I got the new bike, it's so close, but I've had more tutoring elsewhere afterwards.  Now my kids' hours have changed.  It might have been my only chance because I'll be moving my Friday tutoring afterwards soon.  It only took me eight minutes; driving the car might have actually taken longer.

It was a big week for doctor visits, with the rheumatologist on Monday and then an unexpected visit to my regular doctor Friday to go over my bloodwork.  Nothing was too bad, but I wish I'd been able to get online to see my bloodwork instead of having to worry about it until I got to the doctor's.  Next week is just the dermatologist.

Hopefully all the medical stuff was what kept the week so busy, so this week won't be so bad and I can actually get some extra stuff done.  Now that the tutoring hours have changed I am enjoying occasionally getting to eat before seven, so that's a plus.

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Current Music: "Go the Distance"--"Hercules" soundtrack

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