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Your 2016 Year-End Post - Chronicle of Days Past

Dec. 31st, 2016 02:43 pm Your 2016 Year-End Post

In some ways, I'm surprised that another year is already passed.  It feels like I was just writing 2015's entry.  But reading over this year's entries, a lot did happen.  More than I thought, perhaps camoflaged by all that stayed the same.

Spring was a time of tutoring and space.  Tutoring kept me relatively busy.  But between a visit to the planetarium, one of my students studying earth/space science, and finishing with a visit to Kennedy Space Center in April, the stars above were surprisingly often on my mind.

As spring turned to summer my unemployment ran out and I attempted to get food stamps again, a frustrating process in failed bureacracy.  Yet, ironically, despite numerous interviews over the year (I think I had more interviews this year than any previous, albeit most of them with temp agencies, who only seem to interview when they have one particular job in mind) it was only after giving up on food stamps that my job luck started to turn around in August.  I got a new tutoring job, and one of my previous ones become more profitable.  In October I got yet more work, this from home.

All these jobs (and the hunting thereof) plus random surveys have kept me busy.  And there's been church choir(s since I started helping out with children's choir in the fall.)  In my entries I'm often surprised I didn't get to do as much as I hoped (or being amazed at how little or much I slept, which is somewhat related.) 

But despite the constant schedule shifts and random hours of sleep, I do think my request was granted and the year was overall a healthier one for me.  I only got sick about three times, and I lost over twenty pounds.  Having time to exercise (even if it ended up being mostly walking around my small neighborhood) is really nice.  I hope I get my bike (broken since Election Day, one of the many disappointments of my birthday week) fixed soon before we get more cold weather.

Although there was nothing so dramatic as a trip to Alaska, the year wasn't without seeing the sights.  There was Kennedy Space Center, showing my aunts Winter Park, two bear sightings, and all the old forts of Georgia and South Carolina.  Alas, after that and I started my new work, the only new place was the Orlando Eye (which took several tries.)  No wonder the fall sometimes seemed monotonous.

But that is what entertainment is for.  In movies I mostly stuck to Marvel and (by a vast margin) Rifftrax productions.  Everything else I can watch at home.  Besides the reliable library DVDs, with the new smart TV I could watch Netflix even easier than before.  And I rediscovered YouTube as a source of entertaining videos.  And there are always books to read.

But the real standout of the year when in comes to entertainment is computer games.  Thanks to discovering interactive fiction, visual novels, and gog.com sales, not to mention the usual perpetual playing of Bioware games, I think I've finished more games this year than any before.  I explored the worlds of text games at the start of the year (and other times throughout), then started a blog in March.  I cheaply acquired lots of adventure games throughout the year, some of which I finished!  (Of special note is the Blackwell series, which took me from February to December to finish all five games due to distractions and pacing myself.)

I played more Mass Effect, struggling with mods.  In June I played a satisfying conclusion to a game trilogy I began eleven years ago.  Then in summer I went on a spree of finding and playing free visual novels, to great fun (and romancing hot anime guys.)  I played yet more Dragon Age:  Inquisition.  I'm in the middle of several brand new games now, and I look forward to more (and more blogging about) games in the new year.

So this was my 2016.  I tutored a lot of math, visited a nature park in Eustis, got a Slurpee in Thunderbolt, watched a lot of Star Trek, changed political parties, catsat, finished Heroine's Quest, made hummus, got a new car, saw Bill Bryson, and helped out with VBS.  That was my year.

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