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Chronicle of Days Past

Jul. 13th, 2018 11:11 am Summer

It's been a long time since I've posted, but there hasn't been much to post about.  In the long hot days of summer I've just been working and playing and shopping as usual.  I too-briefly had a new tutoring student for one week, then this week I learned that my other student is gone for the summer, so it's just Mathnasium now.  July is always tough money-wise.

Independence Day was a fun break from routine.  My parents came over in the evening as I listened to the explosions and eagerly awaited the lazy night.  As usual, my quiet surburban neighborhood set off multitudes of professional rockets to my photographic delight.

Last Friday we got other bike possibility, but I'm worried about how it's squeaking.  Of course, it's been so hot I haven't been eager to test it.  I never understand the enthusiasm for summer (especially when you're still working.)

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Jun. 18th, 2018 11:44 am Moving While Wet

I stayed up very late Thursday night (or technically, Friday morning) both playing Mass Effect and reading a book, so I slept correspondingly late.  Fortunately I managed to accomplish pretty much everything I needed to do before going to meet my parents to check out bikes at 2:30 pm.

We weren't too impressed with the bike shop nor its single salesperson, so we walked over to Walmart and got a bike there.  It seemed nice enough (with a lighter aluminum frame) though I didn't really get a chance to test it out until today.  I had a lot more shopping to do after we crammed the bike into my car and I didn't get home to enjoy my Costco pizza until almost six.  I was amazingly exhausted.

Sea WorldCollapse )

I was glad to get home before six.  I almost decided to start one of my new games but decided there wasn't quite enough time (I did yesterday.)  We celebrated Mother's Day on Father's Day with Olive Garden and gifts.

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Jun. 14th, 2018 01:07 pm Money Matters

Last Friday (after finally swimming again and before going out to see Ocean's 8) I spent far too much time perusing the gog.com summer computer game sale.  It seemed like every game was on sale and I had a hard time deciding between games that rarely went on sale but were still more expensive than the extremely cheap games that I wasn't as certain about.  But with much searching I found some intriguing and cheap games and ended up getting eight games for under ten dollars.

The sale continues through this week, so I figured I'd keep it in mind in case I decided to go crazy and spend more money.  I still have a gazillion games to play, but I love the feeling of getting something for such a good price (I even experience a silly moment of regret when I come across a game I love and already own for sale.)  And it's not like the game goes anywhere after I've gotten it cheaply.  It'll wait for me to get around to playing it.

No Pedestrians Were HarmedCollapse )

I think I'm satisfied with my gog.com sale purchases, but today I did get a Humble Bundle of twelve games for twelve dollars (one of which I already owned, but it's still a really good deal.)  Again, I haven't even had a chance to play any of these yet, but it's the lure of the sale (and it'll probably be awhile before there's such a big sale again, anyway.)

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Jun. 4th, 2018 02:11 pm Charleston Weekend

Once again it's been awhile since I've posted, but it took awhile for their to be anything to be worth posting about.  There's just been the usual tutoring and such, and I started another Mass Effect playthrough.

But last weekend we all went up to see the family in Charleston.  We left Friday after Key finished work.  It was supposed to be at four, but I left the house later than I'd hoped and then had to get gas, so I didn't get up to Key's until five.  Thankfully, despite several slowdowns due to highway construction, we got in to Frank and Edna's place before midnight.

Frank and Edna's place, our Airbnb, was a little place tucked into a neighborhood behind a big church in North Charleston.  Despite having three bedrooms, a porch, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and dining and living rooms, it felt very small, maybe about the size of my condo, perhaps because there was little yard to speak of.

SaturdayCollapse )

SundayCollapse )

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May. 17th, 2018 06:53 pm Sickness and Dragons

Friday night I started getting a bit of a sore throat.  I hoped through Saturday that it might be a passing thing, but it stubbornly remained through Sunday as we celebrated Father's Day (we decided to switch them this year.)

New DoctorCollapse )

Due to paperwork and such, my doctor's appointment Tuesday took most of the morning, but I did get a prescription.  And my afternoon tutoring students canceled upon learning I was sick.  Which means Wednesday'll be the only day I worked this week, although it was a busy day of work, at least.

Thanks to the doctors' appointments, today was the first day since Saturday I was able to sleep late.  Although there's been plenty of napping, I've still been pretty tired this week, perhaps as much due to the grey weather as being sick.

Freelectric AdventuresCollapse )

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May. 8th, 2018 03:14 pm Infinity War, Germanfest, and a Haircut

There were a couple things I forgot to mention last post.  One of the things I got done during my tutoring "break" was my pre-summer haircut.  I asked her to have it just touch the shoulders, which I think made it even shorter than I usually get it cut (or else it had gotten so long the difference was even more startling.)  In any case, almost everybody has remarked upon it.

I mentioned the Thursday afternoon I managed to organize to organize and clean all my desks and tables, but I forgot to mention that I also finally got the DVD/VCR properly hooked up to the streaming TV.  I still don't think I can tape television thanks to how the antenna's set up and now that I have a Blu-ray I can watch my DVDs on that, but at least now I can watch tapes in there too if I so choose.

German Farmer's BreadCollapse )

I went for my first swim last week.  It was a bit cold at first, but not bad.  Hopefully I can keep this up more regularly than last year.

Between my doctor's appointments and choir, it was a tiring week.  But then my Thursday tutoring was canceled at the last minute and I found myself with more time in the weekend.  It was kind of jarring.

MCU SpoilersCollapse )

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Apr. 26th, 2018 06:49 pm Time for Night

It's been some time since I've posted, and I've been meaning to for several days.  These past few weeks weren't particularly noteworthy, but there are some things I've been wanting to say.

I've been unusually angry about daylight savings time this year.  Of course I'm always angry to lose an hour of sleep, but it felt especially unnecessary this time.  I don't need daylight past seven, not in March, not when the days were already getting longer just fine on their own.  And it literally leaves me less time in the day since I sleep late.

I was really looking forward to my weeks "off" from tutoring, but my Mathnasium days were really busy as if to compensate.  Wednesdays are always rough, and I was looking forward to just have a couple hours of tutoring in the afternoon instead.  Well, I had it this week.  Actually having time to eat dinner before choirs left me amazingly awake and refreshed, but next week I'll be back to the same schedule as usual (but then children's choir will be over, so maybe that will be a bit easier.)

Otherwise this week is busy with work, including the weekend, and then next week there are doctors' appointments.  So I was glad to have the break.  I didn't accomplish everything I hoped to get done, but last Thursday afternoon I managed to organize all the papers and miscellania on my tables and desks and shelves finally, so that was nice.

And last Tuesday there was a late burst of cold.  I went to Barnes and Noble so see if I could use my gift card, but I just ended up with a bunch more books to add to my library list.  I can still use the gift card online, but the only thing I really want right now is Marvel movies and I'm having trouble figuring out which to get and how.

More Electric Adventures in the ShadowsCollapse )

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Apr. 7th, 2018 02:43 pm The Week

Ugh, what a week.  After completely forgetting I was tutoring Friday night (thanks to Spring Break we've been able to meet earlier so although it's been planned it's never actually happened yet) I had to shift things around and ended up tutoring until after eight Tuesday.

Thankfully I finished work early Wednesday morning, but then I realized I'd forgotten to bring the check to drop off at my financial advisor's, which I pass right by on the way home.  I wanted to bash my head open against a wall.  I hate inefficiency, and this would have been such a perfect opportunity.  I had to waste time and gas to do it on Friday and it still makes me angry.

I did still have a chance to shop and nap Wednesday, which was nice, but I also had a new tutoring possibility so I had to try to rearrange my schedule to fit (it's like Jenga, trying to figure out who to contact first.)  Then it was straight to tutoring and choirs until after nine.  I returned to find a bunch of books, as I expected (although I'm still awaiting one.  It makes me wonder why it didn't manage to make the boat.)  But there are several I still have to finish and I haven't had the time and I feel bad about it.

Thursday I used the crock pot again, having found a good deal on chicken (and Easter candy, but I didn't put that in the crock pot) at Aldi.  On the spur of the moment I did Asian chicken instead of barbeque, and it turned out pretty good, although I wish I'd remembered to thaw the chicken first.

After tutoring Friday morning (and delivering that &%#$!$& check) I went shopping.  I stopped by the new Walmart (wanting a more leisurely visit than grabbing drinks before work) and then Aldi, then Winn-Dixie to pick up what I couldn't find at the other stores.  I ended up getting a few things at each place.  I got Chinese food for lunch at the usual place and was disappointed to find I preferred the other places I've been trying recently.

I didn't manage to do much before I had to leave for tutoring in the evening (I had to finish up surveys today, and I usually do all of those on Thursday.)  I really wish I'd remembered to either shower or clean the bathroom.  Anyway, from tutoring we met up to go down to the Magic game.

The Magic of AmwayCollapse )

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Apr. 3rd, 2018 12:57 pm Sierra and Scallops

My Holy Week tutoring schedule was fortunately also a little lighter than usual, as several of my students had actually met their hours for the month.  Otherwise, it was a busy week, as Monday Papa and I went to the Charles Schwab office to learn about investing my money.  I know I don't have the time or stock knowledge to micromanage my money, but I don't like the idea of just letting the numbers decide where my money goes.  I want to support good (or not support bad) companies.  But I can't just let the money sit anymore.

Diet Mountain ThunderCollapse )

Farewell My Checking AccountCollapse )

After Chinese food for lunch I took a nap, as I'd been up unexpectedly late the previous night organizing the new music transfer to the laptop, HiP.  I found a site with a bunch of Sierra game music a couple weeks ago and spent some time adding to and reorganizing my already extensive collection of music from those games.

Electric Adventures UpdateCollapse )

We went to the nine o'clock service for Easter, then went home to discuss taxes and try to figure out Mommy's phone before heading to Bonefish for lunch with Jane's family.  It was my first time visiting the restaurant since it had been the Black-Eyed Pea, and I found it disappointingly fish-focused (although understandably, in retrospect.)  We all ended up getting shrimp and scallops.

After presents (paper, socks, candy, gift cards) we watched an MST3K (although we were all pretty tired, I think.)  I went home and took a nap.  A surprising number of places were closed for Easter.  I also read a bunch of books, which means new ones to be delivered.

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Mar. 25th, 2018 06:27 pm March

It's been another long time since posting, but it was just a busy week of work.  Last week was somewhat different, however, due to spring break.  It was still pretty busy, as I still had the majority of my students, but I some I was able to tutor during the day instead of evening.

I also didn't have work or church Wednesday afternoon, and I finished work early in the morning, too.  I enjoyed taking my time to shop and stop my the parents' house and go for a walk there (it was a nice cool windy day after two days of nasty storms.)  Then I was able to go home and take a nap.

Saturday in the CityCollapse )

We ran into traffic yet again on the interstate back, so it was almost four by the time we got to Cracker Barrell again, where we had...linner?  A very late brunch?  It was my first meal of the day.  Afterwards I went home and slept for almost three hours.

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