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Chronicle of Days Past

Oct. 18th, 2018 12:31 pm Workdays

Well, it's been some time since I've managed to post, so I guess I'll just go in order as best I can:  after my Friday tutoring finished, we agreed to move it to Monday at the same time, an immensely better time.  It then took me almost an hour to get to Oktoberfest, which was quiet as far as money-counting went.  Saturday was much busier, and I felt as usual that I had more food tickets than I knew what to do with.

After a long morning at German American the next Wednesday, I got home ready for an afternoon of new tutoring.  Then I got a call that my high school student was not available (after I'd already started my huge lunch in preparation for not having time for dinner, of course.)  Then later I got a call that my later students were sick and unavailable too!

I eventually saw those students yesterday, but the high school student home asked for another tutor, which is very strange as I've worked with them for years and I hadn't met the student yet.  But I have another student now if we can just find a time to meet.

SaturdayCollapse )

Sunday afternoon we had a CPR/First Aid class.  It was very interesting and in fact I wish we had spent more time going over stuff.  I was surprised how few people were there.  Still, I think I'm starting to feel the effect of the lack of relaxation.

9/6/18--Three States With CornCollapse )

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Oct. 5th, 2018 10:40 am Mountain Lightning

I'll have another tutoring today, at the worst possible time:  5 pm on a Friday.  Not only is it on the last day of the week and late enough I'll have to deal with traffic, but this week it's at the one time it'll interfere with my ONE other job at Oktoberfest.  I hope we can figure out another time for later tutoring, but I doubt it.  I'm so angry about it I've been mad since last week.

More Soda WoesCollapse )

Of course, this meant I didn't get home on Wednesday until nearly three (which still left me some time until choir, at least.)  Since it looks like this was my last week before I'll lose that long afternoon to tutoring, that just makes me angrier.  I'm glad to have tutoring again, but I wish I could have better synced my students.

9/5/18--Rain and Old RestaurantsCollapse )

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Sep. 27th, 2018 12:50 pm To Sleep

Tuesday morning I went to a funeral.  It had a been a least a decade since I had seen Inge, so I had sort of already mentally memorialized her, but I was glad to be able to see others' memories of her (and be glad I knew her as a kid, so I got hugs instead of shouts to get out of the kitchen.)  She's ultimately why I'm at the German American Club now.

Getting up earlier than usual for the funeral left me exhausted again, as did my usual early Wednesday morning, despite actually going to bed early and getting enough sleep for once.  I've been tired all week.  I hope sleeping late today means I'm finally done with that.

9/4/18--BadlandsCollapse )

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Sep. 24th, 2018 09:13 pm Finding Food

9/3/18--Over Black HillsCollapse )

This is later in the day than I like posting, but I wanted to get this post out there.  I almost posted earlier, but my schedule never seemed to work out.  Last week was annoying even after the neurologist appointment of no end.  All of my shopping visits had issues.

Includes the Eternal Quest for Affordable SodaCollapse )

Friday was the garage sale at church; it was interesting to peruse the selection, but I spent most of my time as greeter again.  Afterwards I got Chinese food for a late lunch, then fell asleep several hours.  I'm not sure why.  I feel asleep an hour this afternoon why and that was after ten and a half hours of sleep.

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Sep. 18th, 2018 02:29 pm Lots of Driving

I thought I might be a bit later to tutoring due to my 2:15 neurologist appointment, depending on how long we had to wait and how long it took me to get from Maitland to MetroWest.  Then everybody seemed to go in before us.  Then we sat it in the waiting room forever, and even that took two hours.  The doctor'd had to leave for an emergency, so only one had to take all the appointments, but it still felt ridiculous, especially since it was the one time I had someplace to be.  I didn't leave until five (so of course then I had to contend with traffic.)

Anyway, after that I felt it difficult to properly judge the tutoring situation, but I still feel it's too far to go for just an hour of tutoring, plus a bit of an awkward place to teach.  But I haven't heard back yet so we'll see.

9/2/18--Wandering the WestCollapse )

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Sep. 15th, 2018 03:11 pm Mountains

After choir Wednesday I finally settled in to play computer games for the first time since I got back from my trip, only to discover the disc drive was refusing to open.  Fortunately I hadn't left a disc in it, but it's still very frustrating that it was working perfectly fine before I left only to absolutely refuse to open now.

Hopefully I can attach a separate drive and use that, but it's annoying to go so long without when I was enjoying Dragon Age:  Origins and Mass Effect.  It feels a bit silly when I have two whole other computers of games I could (and really should, given they're newer) be playing, but I can't seem to change what games I want to play.

I thought I'd finally gotten a student, but it seems he has to be tutored at his martial arts studio, which is much further away than I'd anticipated.  I'm going to try it Monday and see what the situation is and then decide.

9/1/18--AltitudeCollapse )

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Sep. 12th, 2018 03:54 pm Before and Back Again

I'd meant to make a Livejournal post at the end of August before my trip, but all the chaos of planning and packing belied me (I'd also meant to make an entry in my game journal, so I'll try to do that today, too.)

Not that there was too much to say, beyond my first primary election for another party.  At first I thought the new location was some distant fool looking at a map and not realizing the gate between me and the road to the north, but according to the district map I saw there, my entire neighborhood was voting at this church.  There must be some construction at the country club that's preventing its usual use.  My goal for the actual election is to bike down to the location using the retention-pond shortcut (stupid, stupid gate.)  It shouldn't be too hard, since the church isn't far from where that road is there.

Beyond suddenly planning for a trip that once seemed far away, I was dealing with the fallout from all my doctor's visits, including getting a MRI.  There was also a lot of stress with my neurologist when I lost my migraine prescription, waited too long before the trip to call them, had the wrong name of the medicine because they were unclear, and kept having to call them back because of that.  But I didn't finally get the medicine before the trip, at least.

I'll start my daily trip recount next entry, I think, but until then I'll just say it's weird jumping back into my regular activities.  It feels like I was gone longer than a week, and like I really needed the break from routine.  I spent most of Sunday evening organizing my 1,146 pictures.

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Aug. 15th, 2018 03:26 pm Hot

This had started by last post, but I figured that had enough stuff to deal with on its own.  Thursday night I noticed it seemed warm and the temperature was several degrees above its usual setting of eighty degrees.  I gave it the night to try to cool down, but when it was still warm when I woke up early, I figured it was done for.

Fortunately we'd already been getting quotes due to the rattling since I had started using it again in the spring (which the last guy had noticed was due to the fan hitting hanging wires.)  However, they weren't able to come during the weekend and then had to wait until parts, so I couldn't get it replaced until Wednesday.

So after a busy week running hither and yon I finally had time at home and it's sweltering.  At least I still had power.  With all the fans on it wasn't so bad at times, at least if it was cloudy or raining.  I could run the air conditioning for a bit after rain, at least at first (somehow the wires on the other side managed to fall down at some point, and we had to drag those up.)

But by Monday it was getting up to 87 and the fan wouldn't even run if I sprayed it down with the hose.  I was tired of taking cold showers and sleeping in the den.  I don't really feel I've been able to adjust to my new schedule under the circumstances and that's frustrating.  Still, they're finishing up the new air conditioning right now and I'm hopeful now my bills won't be so high.

Deer and Spiders Provoke Very Different ReactionsCollapse )

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Aug. 10th, 2018 09:11 am Ice and Black Cats

Sunday a bunch of us went to the arena to see the Cirque du Soleil show Crystal.  After only being at the arena once before for a Magic game, it was interesting to see it half cut off and with only lower bowl full.  We even entered via a box and had to use a special elevator.

The show was amazing.  Now only were the choreography and acrobatics amazing, it was all on ice!  I really liked the music.  I think my favorite parts were the ice skating jumps and the ribbon swing/dance, but most everything was pretty astounding.

Alas, although I had an unusual amount of congestion Thursday and Friday, by Saturday I was resorting to cough drops.  Still, it doesn't feel as bad as some colds in the past.  Still, Tuesday I went to (and finally met) my new general doctor regarding the congestion and tailbone; she put me on a smelly antibiotic for both.

My boss's husband died; the reshuffling schedules (plus my moving to Tuesday/Thursdays next week) meant I worked Monday through Wednesday this week.  I didn't mind, but combined with catsitting and sickness it was very exhausting.  After the last catsitting Wednesday night and then stopping by the viewing I was glad to finally get home.

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Aug. 4th, 2018 02:56 pm Painful History

More (Or Less?) Money MattersCollapse )

Our family's been trying to plan our trip next year, and I think we've finally settled upon it, although my current condition makes me nervous about paying for it.  Still, it's fun to look forward to (while I'd almost forgotten the upcoming trip in September, it'd seemed to far away.)

I'd hoped with more time these last few weeks of summer I could accomplish a few of those things I never seem to have time for in the busier parts of the year, but the last few weeks have defied my attempts beyond trip planning, swimming, and lots of surveys.

My headaches seemed to be worse in the first half of July, so I scheduled a neurologist appointment (I couldn't get in until next week), but then the pain seemed to move down to my tailbone, which still seems to hurt, and I haven't been able to figure out why (beyond it obviously hurting more when I sit on it alot.)

After some pondering, I decided to go to a lecture this Friday at the history center.  It was on an interesting topic (the history of fashion) and I always like going downtown.  It would be nice to take an opportunity to see the museum and downtown library.  I planned to grab lunch on my home.

Thursday ReschedulingCollapse )

FridayCollapse )

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