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Chronicle of Days Past

Ponderings of Paladina

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Hey all. Here I talk about what's going on in my life, with occasional side forays into philosophy and detailed descriptions of trees. If (wonder of wonders) you want to steal an icon, just make sure you credit the maker. If (even greater wonder), you'd like to friend me, feel free.
1920s, a miracle of science, anime, arcanum, archery, autumn, avatar: the last airbender, baldur's gate, baroque architecture, beyond good and evil, bible, birds, birds of prey, blade runner, books, british isles, buffy the vampire slayer, castles, cathedrals, cats, charmed, chasing the sunset, china, chinese, christianity, christmas, chuck, cityscapes, classical studies, cold weather, community, computer games, crimson dark, danny phantom, darths and droids, digimon, disney, dogs, dragon age, dragons, dreamer, dungeon crawl inc, england, enterprise, entertainment weekly, enya, errant story, escaflowne, exalted, fantasy, fencing, firefly, florida, fringe, futurama, gabriel knight, galaxion, garanos, gargoyles, geography, girl genius, god, gunnerkrigg court, harry potter, heroes, history, ice, inuyasha, ireland, japan, joan of arcadia, keychain of creation, kim possible, king's quest, kotor, latin, laura bow, life, looking at babies, lord of the rings, marble, mass effect, medieval studies, mountains, movies, mst3k, narbonic, no need for bushido, oldies, order of the stick, orlando, paradigm shift, phoenix requiem, photography, picatrix, poetry, puppies, purple, pushing daisies, quest for glory, reading, reptiles, reviews, rock climbing, roleplaying, romanticism, rpgs, scarygoround, science fiction, scifi, sea of insanity, shooting, simon r. green, singing, soundtracks, spiral staircases, star trek, star wars, storm corps, switzerland, swords, tale of two kingdoms, tamora pierce, television without pity, terinu, the longest journey, theatre, thursday next, travel, trees, unicorns, vampires, veronica mars, wales, walking, werewolves, whitewater rafting, winter, wolves, wordsworth, writing, zap

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