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Chronicle of Days Past

Jan. 9th, 2017 08:19 pm Vampires in Winter

I'd thought I might finish Vampire:  the Masquerade Bloodlines New Year's Eve, but after a difficult battle I decided I'd had enough for the night.  I'm glad, because there turned out to be quite a bit more game (and difficult battles, although I only had to resort to cheats once) and I didn't end up finishing the game until Friday.  (For fun, I only played the game at night, but I didn't really have any opportunity to play it during the day anyway.)  Overall, I liked it, but I'm still a little aghast at the lack of guys to romance.

I didn't have work until Wednesday (and no church that evening) so I had somewhat more time, but most of ended up going towards putting up the Christmas decorations and trying to schedule tutoring times.  I did have a relaxing day Saturday, which was grey and rainy as it finally got really cold.  It was almost freezing when I got up Sunday (although sixty degrees in the house.)  I had a fire that night, and even with long pajamas I had to get an extra blanket.

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Dec. 31st, 2016 02:43 pm Your 2016 Year-End Post

In some ways, I'm surprised that another year is already passed.  It feels like I was just writing 2015's entry.  But reading over this year's entries, a lot did happen.  More than I thought, perhaps camoflaged by all that stayed the same.

Spring was a time of tutoring and space.  Tutoring kept me relatively busy.  But between a visit to the planetarium, one of my students studying earth/space science, and finishing with a visit to Kennedy Space Center in April, the stars above were surprisingly often on my mind.

As spring turned to summer my unemployment ran out and I attempted to get food stamps again, a frustrating process in failed bureacracy.  Yet, ironically, despite numerous interviews over the year (I think I had more interviews this year than any previous, albeit most of them with temp agencies, who only seem to interview when they have one particular job in mind) it was only after giving up on food stamps that my job luck started to turn around in August.  I got a new tutoring job, and one of my previous ones become more profitable.  In October I got yet more work, this from home.

All these jobs (and the hunting thereof) plus random surveys have kept me busy.  And there's been church choir(s since I started helping out with children's choir in the fall.)  In my entries I'm often surprised I didn't get to do as much as I hoped (or being amazed at how little or much I slept, which is somewhat related.) 

HealthCollapse )

Although there was nothing so dramatic as a trip to Alaska, the year wasn't without seeing the sights.  There was Kennedy Space Center, showing my aunts Winter Park, two bear sightings, and all the old forts of Georgia and South Carolina.  Alas, after that and I started my new work, the only new place was the Orlando Eye (which took several tries.)  No wonder the fall sometimes seemed monotonous.

But that is what entertainment is for.  In movies I mostly stuck to Marvel and (by a vast margin) Rifftrax productions.  Everything else I can watch at home.  Besides the reliable library DVDs, with the new smart TV I could watch Netflix even easier than before.  And I rediscovered YouTube as a source of entertaining videos.  And there are always books to read.

Electric AdventuresCollapse )

So this was my 2016.  I tutored a lot of math, visited a nature park in Eustis, got a Slurpee in Thunderbolt, watched a lot of Star Trek, changed political parties, catsat, finished Heroine's Quest, made hummus, got a new car, saw Bill Bryson, and helped out with VBS.  That was my year.

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Dec. 26th, 2016 10:52 pm Christmastime

Despite planning to write an entry before our Christmas trip, I never got around to it last week.  I had work Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday were pleasantly busy with shopping, including the usual mall visit.  There were many people and babies and I enjoyed the holiday atmosphere and not having to buy anything as much as I enjoyed actually buying things for my family elsewhere.  And of course I finished with a visit to Barnes and Noble that left my upper legs sore the next day.

Christmas JourneyCollapse )

To my surprise, I slept until 11:30; apparently I needed yet still more sleep.  I had enough time to get some work done before heading to the parents' for gifts and (eventually) food.  I got clothes, soap, money, gift cards, (my) pictures, salami, shrimp, kitchen appliances, lots of candy, and more.

It was weird to be in North Carolina so shortly, but it was still nice to see family, and it's nice to be home again so quickly.  I hope I get some time to relax and enjoy my gifts this week in the midst of work and de-decorating and everything else.

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Dec. 16th, 2016 07:58 pm Electric Adventures

I didn't end up tutoring Thursday, either, so Monday was the only day I worked last week thanks to being sick (besides my at-home stuff, of course.  Glad to have that!)  But I gradually felt better, and I was mistaken about us having a play to go to Saturday, so for the first time in awhile I had a Saturday to do nothing but relax.

Since I managed to finish the last Blackwell game (which was kind of a downer, although overall I liked the game and series) it was time to download a couple more of the games I'd bought awhile ago and hadn't yet played.  (I still feel kind of bad I haven't finished Star Trek:  25th Anniversary or Shadow of the Templars first like I planned, because it'll be tough to go back and do so after these more anticipated games, but I wanted to treat myself for the holidays.)

There was Memoria, a pretty and hopefully interesting adventure game, which turned out to take longer downloading than I thought.  So I started first playing the Vampire:  the Masquerade Bloodlines game.  That was a blast from the past.  I've never played the game, but I'm familiar with the game's publisher.  And of course I played Vampire tabletop back in college.  I was actually able to dig up my old character sheet pretty quickly (pretty impressive, considering it's older than this Livejournal) and base my first character on that.

I haven't actually gotten to do much since, however.  Although I didn't sing Sunday night (I was still using the occasional cough drop until yesterday) I didn't end up getting much done but a nap.  And I didn't get home until after eight the next couple nights.  I slept late and should have been getting plenty of rest, but I woke up tired.  Finally Wednesday night I slept almost eleven hours.

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Dec. 7th, 2016 05:16 pm From the Throat

Friday I headed up long dark country roads to Deland to see a musical "Christmas Carol" with my sister.  Although I enjoyed the costumes and set design, the songs weren't all that catchy, alas.  I got to bed afterwards far too late, even though I'd gotten home at a reasonable hour.

All About That BabyCollapse )

After getting costumes off and grabbing some cookies, I went over to discuss catsitting (although I hestitate to call it that when I'm just giving him a shot twice) before heading home and collapsing in bed for an hour.  I finally ate dinner around ten.

I couldn't sleep as late as I wanted Monday due to a video interview with Accountemps, but the alarm was still later than I'd woken up for the past two days.  I kept waking up, nervous I'd overslept.  After work Monday I went to the cat's.  I eventually found him staring at me from his bed after I'd finally figured out the very non-intuitive light switches.  He was amenable to petting, fortunately.  But afterwards I had a horribly bad sore throat.  It was painful.

SickCollapse )

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Nov. 29th, 2016 01:55 pm Bread, Pizza, and No Rice

After a busy day visiting the doctor and every store ever, I was glad to finally get home last Tuesday.  I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, mostly because of the healthcare agent messing up my address (so we had to redo it) and because the local Walmart didn't have several of the food items I was hoping for (and again, why mint Kitkats but not mint Hershey's miniatures?  That makes no sense.)

Thankfully, I ended up not having work Wednesday morning, but work in the afternoon went well.  During the parade Thanksgiving morning I worked online and then dusted and cleaned the kitchen.  Despite much nervousness about the timing, my loaf of bread rose basically according to schedule, stayed risen during the trip to the parents' for baking, and seems to have been enjoyed at Thanksgiving meal.  It was nice to see the fake family again.

After work and mopping and vacuuming, Key came over and we decorated, newly including the large fake tree that I think the parents had last year.  Then I headed to her place, but I managed to get lost on the way to pick up the pizza, getting there an hour after I was supposed to pick it up.  Finally I arrived with pizza and we commenced decorating her place.

I stayed the night, we decorated some more, and then headed to New Smyrna to see the parents.  The wind was cold off the Atlantic.  After some Christmas trivia, Papa and I went to see Arrival, which I enjoyed but wasn't very vivid.  I skipped Sunday school to sleep more and shower, but I still needed a nap later in the afternoon (much of which was spent cleaning the new phone of unnecessary contacts and apps.)

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Nov. 21st, 2016 10:07 pm Plays and Things

GripingCollapse )

It's extra annoying now that it's finally gotten cold, really cold.  For some time now the acorns have been falling, leaving a brown or orange paste where cars crush them against the pavement.  But the oak leaves remain mostly green, although I think I detect tinges of yellow at the edges of my tree.  The wimpy birches have already started changing leaves.

But we didn't have true jacket-weather until Sunday.  It was weird because Saturday was as warm as usual, with not even a storm to herald the change.  I went and rang the bell for the kettle in my shorts (too early, in my opinion.)

MemoriesCollapse )

FerrisCollapse )

After waking up before dawn Sunday, I stayed up far too late (albeit with a nap) finishing a book.  Today I learned I'd be working Wednesday morning.  Then just on the way to work I got texts cancelling all of my tutoring students tomorrow.  Then I learned, contrary to my expectations, I'll be working Wednesday afternoon, too.  So I guess tomorrow will be my day off to do shopping and such with Wednesday being a busy day.

I would be looking forward to the upcoming holidays, but I'm not sure exactly what relief they'll be.  My work schedule is always lighter towards the end of the week anyway, and some of that I've still got to do.  And I'm sure the organizing and cleaning and such I'd otherwise do I won't have time for because of the holiday events, so might actually have less time overall.

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Nov. 9th, 2016 10:05 pm Disappointments

After a relaxing Saturday mostly spent playing Dragon Age:  Inquisition, we went out for lunch Sunday to the Chinese buffet from two years ago.  The food was delicious as usual, and then we headed on down to the Orlando Eye, only to find out it wasn't working (a fact they didn't bother to tell my mother when she called to ask if they took reservations.)  We headed on back home, had cheesecake and presents, and watched Birdemic.

As I had two books due back at the library, there wasn't much time to do anything else that night.  In fact, I had to finish both of them the next day on my birthday before work.  After work my parents took me out to Red Lobster, which was having Endless Shrimp.  They weren't as good as I'd hoped (a little rubbery) and nobody else could join us (mostly because it was so late after work.)

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Nov. 4th, 2016 07:19 pm Ghosts and Dragons

I had a dentist's appointment early on Monday (Halloween, ironically) and my mouth was sore almost all day afterwards.  Although I didn't have any cavities, my gums seemed worse than usual and I'm not sure why.  I was glad to leave work early, as I suspected might happen because of the holiday, but I didn't have much hope of actually getting any trick-or-treaters.  But to my surprise, I had two groups after eight.  I hadn't even bothered to put the candy in the pumpkin.

I hadn't been having much luck with the adventure games I'd chosen to play next on my laptop.  Star Trek:  25th Anniversary has a clunky interface and is very episodic, and Broken Sword:  Shadow of the Templars doesn't seem to jive well with my problem-solving skills, forcing me to turn to walkthroughs a lot.  Both have sequels I've already purchased, so I wanted to make headway on them before moving on to games I'd gotten that I suspected I'd like more.

But with my birthday coming up, I decided to treat myself and skip ahead to start the final Blackwell series game.  I hope it lives up to and successfully concludes the previous games, but in any case I can look forward to replaying the games with commentary afterwards.  Then yesterday I finished my playthrough of Dragon Age II, meaning I can finally start another game of Dragon Age:  Inquisition.  I'm at least as excited because the it's on the laptop, meaning I can play it weekday evenings when I watch TV, as I am because I love the game.

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Oct. 29th, 2016 01:45 pm Healthcare, Bears, and Chinese Food

$Collapse )

Then after work Monday I went by Publix to pick up my headache medication, which I'd ordered Saturday since I saw I would run out Sunday.  They told me it hadn't been thirty days yet and so they couldn't fill the order until Friday.  I'm pretty sure I didn't double up on my medication, so they must have underfilled it.  But in any case, I had to just go without until then.

TuesdayCollapse )

Wednesday I was late to work.  I decided to leave choir early because I was still recovering from a touch of sore throat from the night before, but unfortunately I didn't call my sister until I got home, or I could have shaved half an hour off the trip to Pei Wei for dinner.

Thursday I had a headache most of the day.  Tutoring was rough, but the Rifftrax show was fun, although I think I remember seeing the movie when it was up on Hulu.  I'm still creeped out by how empty that theater is.  I ate way too much popcorn and Twizzlers.  Then on the way home I nearly hit a bear.  I spotted the dark lumbering shape coming from the left and fortunately was able to speed up enough to get past before he got in front of me but it felt close.

I also ended up eating Chinese food almost every day of the week.  I picked some up for lunch Tuesday, which also ended up being dinner Tuesday.  I also picked up lo mein, which, since Wednesday was Pei Wei, was dinner Thursday and Friday.  It was not a good week for weight gain.  I kept hoping to ride my bike, but it's been warm (if windy) and looking like rain and then not doing so.

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