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Robins, Witches, Senators, and Muskets - Chronicle of Days Past

Feb. 5th, 2017 07:45 pm Robins, Witches, Senators, and Muskets

Well, it's about a week after I initially wanted to make a post, so there's lots to talk about.  I woke up early one morning the week before last because of what sounded like people on the roof.  I got up and looked around but obviously I couldn't tell from inside.  All I could tell was that the annual swarm of robins was back (and still is, but they're most active in the morning, so I don't see them as much.)  I'm still not sure if someone was on the roof, but I think they have been doing some work next door.

That Thursday Key and I went to see Wicked at the Dr. Philips Center.  I left straight from tutoring and made great time to all the construction around the Sheraton, which confused me enough it took almost as long to find Key as to get there in the first place.  But we still got downtown and through City Hall, through the metal detectors, and up all the stairs in time to sit for the show.

We were three rows from the back in the balcony, so we'd both brought binoculars.  A couple from my Sunday school class sat in front of us, but I didn't get to confirm this in time to say hello to them.  It was nice, all these years after first hearing the songs from the online "soundtrack" station, to finally get context.  And the lighting and costumes and props were great, too.

After a relaxing Saturday doing nothing in particular, I had a very busy week, mostly because my "free" time was taking up researching and trying to decide how best to contact my conresspeople.  It didn't help that there was new news every day that might change things.  But I did finally manage to call Thursday, and that, plus the research in general, generally helped my mood in regards to political things, I think.  And hopefully now that I know the websites and contact info it won't take so long when I want to do it again.

I had a new student Friday.  Hopefully we can move the time, as I've kind of liked having Friday as my "day off."  We might should move the location, as her numerous other kid relatives had trouble not bothering her as we tutored.

Saturday was a work day at church again.  I left at noon again, but the rooms are really starting to come together.  Then Key came and we went down to the flea market (again I'm stunned at the size of that place) to a Civil War reenactment.  We sat down a bit before the battle started and listen to the band (7 lbs. of Bacon) and watched the horses and some troops get into position.  It wasn't a real battle they would be reenacting (and there weren't any around here to reenact) but there was a good crowd in period dress, including among the spectators.

Finally, just when it seemed like the battle would never start, the scouts advanced and the Union went after the supplies of the little faux settlement, much to the chastisement of the women there.  The women were captured and the battle began.  We weren't sure if they would set off the cannon once, but they set them off multiple times, to say nothing of there muskets, of which the paper shot remnants littlered the ground.  It was loud and smokey, and we were very impressed with how calm the horses were.

There was a lot of advancing and retiring and shooting (with less falling and fake-dying than I think there should have been, even given less accurate guns.)  We got up to walk around a bit before the end of the battle proper and looked at the tents selling deep-fried oreos and kettle corn and period clothes and swords.  There was also the soldiers' camp.

It was a nice day to do be out temperature-wise, although a bit cloudy.  There were babies and dogs to see, and we also walked a bit through the flea market before continuing out.  We stopped at Beef O'Brady's for food, and I think that's the first time I've been to one.  It was more alcohol-focused than I expected, but my shrimp were good (although I wish I'd waited for butter for all of them.)

The neighbors across the way are screaming at the top of their lungs about the Super Bowl (or at least I assume that is what they are yelling about.)  I hate to complain about passion, but it is very annoying.

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