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Books and Birds - Chronicle of Days Past

Jan. 22nd, 2017 06:50 pm Books and Birds

It's been a busy couple weeks of work and late evenings as activities renew, but nothing much of note has happened to cause me to write until now.  I didn't watch any of the inauguration (although I did see a bald eagle on the golf course), but it made me think back to eight years ago, and how different the mood was then!  I feel somewhat guilty for not doing anything to protest, but I have the feeling there will be something eventually.

I visited my new doctor Wednesday morning, and it seemed to go well enough, although it took several hours, and I may be his youngest patient.  I had bloodwork to get for both him and the rheumatologist Friday (leaving me about a quart low, it felt) and then errands after that.  But even though the library had been closed for both Monday and Sunday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I was anxious to visit again, as I had several books to check out (to say nothing of browsing the DVDs), I decided to hold out until Sunday.

Saturday I got up early (comparatively) to go to church and work on the college and career rooms.  It took me about two hours to tape everything on the walls for painting.  They hadn't gotten lunch yet when I left, and I decided to forgo the doughnuts to get some food after stopping by Birdapalooza.

Unfortunately, I hadn't been to the park where Birdapalooza was before, and I turned to soon onto the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive, which really needs to be better labeled for a long, one-way nature drive.  I'd been wanting to check out the wildlife drive, but not...unexpectedly.  Although there were tons of birds on the lovely afternoon in the wetlands and I was able to take some pictures, it took me over an hour before I could exit and actually get to Birdapalooza.

After actually being out in nature, Birdapalooza didn't seem as spectacular.  There was a good crowd and I enjoyed seeing the booths of all the local nature organizations, but it didn't take me long to look at everything.  I quickly grabbed food on the way home, finally eating around three.

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