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Vampires in Winter - Chronicle of Days Past

Jan. 9th, 2017 08:19 pm Vampires in Winter

I'd thought I might finish Vampire:  the Masquerade Bloodlines New Year's Eve, but after a difficult battle I decided I'd had enough for the night.  I'm glad, because there turned out to be quite a bit more game (and difficult battles, although I only had to resort to cheats once) and I didn't end up finishing the game until Friday.  (For fun, I only played the game at night, but I didn't really have any opportunity to play it during the day anyway.)  Overall, I liked it, but I'm still a little aghast at the lack of guys to romance.

I didn't have work until Wednesday (and no church that evening) so I had somewhat more time, but most of ended up going towards putting up the Christmas decorations and trying to schedule tutoring times.  I did have a relaxing day Saturday, which was grey and rainy as it finally got really cold.  It was almost freezing when I got up Sunday (although sixty degrees in the house.)  I had a fire that night, and even with long pajamas I had to get an extra blanket.

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