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From the Throat - Chronicle of Days Past

Dec. 7th, 2016 05:16 pm From the Throat

Friday I headed up long dark country roads to Deland to see a musical "Christmas Carol" with my sister.  Although I enjoyed the costumes and set design, the songs weren't all that catchy, alas.  I got to bed afterwards far too late, even though I'd gotten home at a reasonable hour.

This was unfortunately, as I had to up at seven to get ready for the children's choir trip to children's church and rehearsal, leaving me with five hours of sleep to work with.  The trip to children's church, nestled in a neighborhood, went well, and the children sang their songs well twice through.

We got back and the kids had lunch and then we corraled them to the lobby to practice entering at the beginning of the musical.  And then we proceeded to wait for an hour (although "waiting" would probably not be an accurate description of the kids' activities, which involved tag and unwanted hugging) as technical difficulties held up the start of the rehearsal.  Finally we all went in and managed one run-through before leaving.

I went by the library and Aldi and Chipotle, ate an early linner, and slept for two and a half hours.  The kids sang in church that morning, too.  I was back at church at five to get everybody (including me) in tunics.  I think everything went pretty well, all things considered.

After getting costumes off and grabbing some cookies, I went over to discuss catsitting (although I hestitate to call it that when I'm just giving him a shot twice) before heading home and collapsing in bed for an hour.  I finally ate dinner around ten.

I couldn't sleep as late as I wanted Monday due to a video interview with Accountemps, but the alarm was still later than I'd woken up for the past two days.  I kept waking up, nervous I'd overslept.  After work Monday I went to the cat's.  I eventually found him staring at me from his bed after I'd finally figured out the very non-intuitive light switches.  He was amenable to petting, fortunately.  But afterwards I had a horribly bad sore throat.  It was painful.

During the night I had chills and sweats and I didn't sleep well.  I hurt all over, and when I checked I had a fever of hundred degrees.  I still had to get up early to go to the cat's again.  There I managed to get through to the doctor's office and schedule an appointment.

Then I went back home and slept more, waking up after noon as it rained buckets for the first time in forever.  I was still tired and moving at half speed, but I was able to do my at-home work, despite several interrupting phone calls and one (simultaneous with a phone call, of course) door knock from the water maintenance guy replacing my meter.

The doctor thought it might be strep and I picked up medicine (and milk) at Publix.  I slept another two hours when I got home.  After the medicine and homemade soup for supper, I felt a bit better.  Today I'm still congested and my throat hurts, but the achiness and tiredness is gone.

I suppose one of the disappointing things about working part-time is that you don't really get to relax when you're off sick.  While I didn't have my afternoon tutoring (for which I won't get paid) I still have all my other at-home stuff to do.  And since I'm sick I'm less able to do that too (see me sleeping most of Tuesday) so I'm just behind on everything.

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Current Music: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"--Mannheim Steamroller

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