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Bread, Pizza, and No Rice - Chronicle of Days Past

Nov. 29th, 2016 01:55 pm Bread, Pizza, and No Rice

After a busy day visiting the doctor and every store ever, I was glad to finally get home last Tuesday.  I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, mostly because of the healthcare agent messing up my address (so we had to redo it) and because the local Walmart didn't have several of the food items I was hoping for (and again, why mint Kitkats but not mint Hershey's miniatures?  That makes no sense.)

Thankfully, I ended up not having work Wednesday morning, but work in the afternoon went well.  During the parade Thanksgiving morning I worked online and then dusted and cleaned the kitchen.  Despite much nervousness about the timing, my loaf of bread rose basically according to schedule, stayed risen during the trip to the parents' for baking, and seems to have been enjoyed at Thanksgiving meal.  It was nice to see the fake family again.

After work and mopping and vacuuming, Key came over and we decorated, newly including the large fake tree that I think the parents had last year.  Then I headed to her place, but I managed to get lost on the way to pick up the pizza, getting there an hour after I was supposed to pick it up.  Finally I arrived with pizza and we commenced decorating her place.

I stayed the night, we decorated some more, and then headed to New Smyrna to see the parents.  The wind was cold off the Atlantic.  After some Christmas trivia, Papa and I went to see Arrival, which I enjoyed but wasn't very vivid.  I skipped Sunday school to sleep more and shower, but I still needed a nap later in the afternoon (much of which was spent cleaning the new phone of unnecessary contacts and apps.)

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