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Unable to Whistle - Chronicle of Days Past

Mar. 16th, 2012 09:36 pm Unable to Whistle

So Wednesday I was able to sleep late after a busy two days, and I took advantage of it, staying up late Tuesday to finish a book.  I did some work for my mother and had a nice day.  Thursday was another busy day at the office and then leaving for tutoring.  Despite again getting plenty of sleep, I was so tired at the end of it I again went to bed at nine and woke up after five or six hours unable to get back to sleep until I took a sleeping pill.

I had to get up early because I'd signed up to volunteer at the history center's booth of the art festival again.  It again took me forever to find parking (I don't know why I hoped for better luck.), especially because I was more determined not to pay this time since I never got around to getting reimbursed for the last time. 

I eventually parked over in Hannibal Square, about half a mile away.  It was a pleasant walk, with a bit of a breeze and it not too hot yet.  I've already taken pictures of the area, but I ran across a few spots I hadn't seen before, so I might have to take a new photo trip sometime. 

To my surprise, since despite my lateness last year I was still first, there were plenty of people already there when I arrived (looks like they managed to corrall more volunteers and employees too.)  Kids could make harmonicas from rubber bands and popsicle sticks (I could make one, but not get a sound on it, probably for whatever reason I can't whistle.) or paper helicopters, or just crayon.  There was also a beanbag throw with prizes (I snatched a key keychain for myself.) and the artifact table with the ever-popular gator skin.

We were pretty busy (I mostly helped kids out with their paper helicopters) with families until lunchtime.  I'd only found three-hour parking, so, it being two-and-a-half hours in, I walked back, backed out, and drove back in to the same parking space (there weren't any other ones), thus renewing my three hours.

I had less than an hour to go by the time I got back, but we had fewer people.  I left about 1:45 for a walk around, first enjoying the local schools' art (it's funny to think how familiar I am with so many of those schools now; I grew up in another county, after all.) before browsing all the artists.  It was definitely hotter now.

I decided to pass up with the expensive festival food and headed back to my car and to Chipotle for a late lunch that I quickly devoured.  Then I went to Barnes and Noble.  I used my gift card to buy the most recent Futurama season.  It cost a bit more than the gift card, but I not too much more and I know I'd never get around to using the gift card anyway.

I was still browsing books when my mother called to let me know my uncle had died.  He's gone to the hospital earlier in the week on his birthday and thence to hospice, so it wasn't a shock.  And he hadn't been doing well for a long time (that's part of why we went up there for Thanksgiving.)  So I'd been expecting the call. 

Heck, it's probably why I indulged myself with the above Chipotle, Barnes and Noble visit, and purchase.  On some level it's good that he's at peace, but I can't imagine how the immediate family is doing right now.  I don't know if I ever knew him that well (he seemed pretty taciturn even when he was in better health) but I've already cried once and probably will more later.

I'm glad we had the time with him we did.  He never did talk much about his time in war, but I remember, when discussing my college's restarting their football team, he said that he remembered games back when they did, when he was in college (at Presbyterian.)

After succeeding in not crying in Barnes and Noble, I did some shopping at Winn Dixie across the street before going home.  I bet I'll be sore tomorrow.  I must have walked about three miles, and was crouching down to look at books on top of that.  I'm still worried about finding a place to live.

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Current Music: "All'improvviso Amore"--Josh Groban

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