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Chronicle of Days Past

Mar. 16th, 2017 06:00 pm Weathering

I don't know how Thursdays became my designated Livejournal day somehow.  This hasn't been intentional.

The wedding shower Saturday was in the depths of Casselberry at a little women's club that reminded me deeply of the place the last (and I think only other) wedding shower I'd been to.  (It may even have been the same one, for all I remember.)  There was lots of great Italian food, and we didn't even stay for dessert.

A cold front and finally some jacket weather finally got me out on the bike again Wednesday.  I think it may be heavier than the other one, or there's something with the gears.  I may be out of practice, but even that wouldn't make it this difficult.  I know these roads, and I'm not getting the kind of speed or strength I did before.

It was so rough that after what should not have been a difficult ride I had to collapse on someone's sidewalk over on Lake Francis and just lie there for a bit until I didn't feel like throwing up.  When I opened my eyes I was met with a lovely sight of beautiful spring green leaves against the cloudless blue sky.

The cold has continued through today; I'll try to have a (probably last for the year) fire tonight.

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Mar. 9th, 2017 07:43 pm March Winds

Although my oak has long since lost leaves and sprung new green, the local pines have just changed color.  This lead to me catching the odd sight of a bird's nest in current use in tree of colorful fall leaves.  This was during a rare spurt of cold weather.  It's been mostly hot, but there has been some nice cool breezes, and I'm hopeful there will at least be some occasion for pants still yet to come.

Last week was pretty rough work-wise, and then I had a pseudo-interview and a bunch of paperwork to do after one of my tutoring companies was transferred to a new owner.  But I did manage to finish editing my Glacier Bay photos and organizing my Alaska pictures thusfar (still half of them to edit, though.)  Today I posted for the first time in a year.

Last SaturdayCollapse )

But Now Let's Talk About Computer GamesCollapse )

I think the lack of Dragon Age has also helped me get to bed earlier, which has meant getting up a bit earlier and thus having more time to get things done.  But this is also due to the whims of my ever-inexplicable sleep schedule.  Still, it's so nice not to feel rushed and feel like I actually got some stuff done.

I still miss having a day of the week where I didn't have something to do in the late afternoon.  I miss my Friday shopping days.  Maybe next week.

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Feb. 23rd, 2017 06:50 pm Cat Nights

Somehow, last week ended up making me even more annoyed than the week before.  Maybe the dermatologist's appointment Wednesday contributed to the feeling of not having enough time to do anything, but part of it was the catsitting.  When I'm not coming from work, it's much more of a trek, and I had to get up early both Friday and Saturday.

Before heading over to the cat's Thursday night, I stopped by the country club because the subdivision homeowner's association was supposed to be meeting.  I was freshly annoyed because I'd tried to bike to tutoring again, only to find the gate closed for the first time in my recollection.  As far as I can tell, it's been closed since then, cutting me off from easy (and logical) access to the road.

At first I thought no one was meeting, but I think one of the dining tables was occupied by the group.  I'd already eaten and wasn't going to interrupt them, so I left.  As I left the light of the club for the cold, clear night, I heard a strange bubbling sound out near my car.  Using my cell phone light I determined there was indeed some water bubbling up on the lawn.  Maybe a pipe broke?  The whole situation gave me a surreal feeling.

This Monday was Presidents' Day, but I still had work, although we were so quiet I only had one student all afternoon and left an hour early.  Earlier in the day was the church volunteer luncheon, which was fun.  I got last pick of the white elephant gifts, but nothing really struck my eye.

Despite catsitting again tonight and tomorrow morning, I've got enough done today that I hope tomorrow will be similar and the week won't feel like the past few in terms of unaccomplishment and rush and tiredness.

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Feb. 12th, 2017 07:57 pm Bloodwork

My oak tree went from yellowed leaves and some bare branches to pollen "flowers" to new green in the span of a couple weeks.  It was mostly warm this week, which didn't stop me from finally riding my bike to tutoring on Thursday.  I've been meaning to ever since I got the new bike, it's so close, but I've had more tutoring elsewhere afterwards.  Now my kids' hours have changed.  It might have been my only chance because I'll be moving my Friday tutoring afterwards soon.  It only took me eight minutes; driving the car might have actually taken longer.

It was a big week for doctor visits, with the rheumatologist on Monday and then an unexpected visit to my regular doctor Friday to go over my bloodwork.  Nothing was too bad, but I wish I'd been able to get online to see my bloodwork instead of having to worry about it until I got to the doctor's.  Next week is just the dermatologist.

Hopefully all the medical stuff was what kept the week so busy, so this week won't be so bad and I can actually get some extra stuff done.  Now that the tutoring hours have changed I am enjoying occasionally getting to eat before seven, so that's a plus.

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Feb. 5th, 2017 07:45 pm Robins, Witches, Senators, and Muskets

Well, it's about a week after I initially wanted to make a post, so there's lots to talk about.  I woke up early one morning the week before last because of what sounded like people on the roof.  I got up and looked around but obviously I couldn't tell from inside.  All I could tell was that the annual swarm of robins was back (and still is, but they're most active in the morning, so I don't see them as much.)  I'm still not sure if someone was on the roof, but I think they have been doing some work next door.

WickedCollapse )

After a relaxing Saturday doing nothing in particular, I had a very busy week, mostly because my "free" time was taking up researching and trying to decide how best to contact my conresspeople.  It didn't help that there was new news every day that might change things.  But I did finally manage to call Thursday, and that, plus the research in general, generally helped my mood in regards to political things, I think.  And hopefully now that I know the websites and contact info it won't take so long when I want to do it again.

I had a new student Friday.  Hopefully we can move the time, as I've kind of liked having Friday as my "day off."  We might should move the location, as her numerous other kid relatives had trouble not bothering her as we tutored.

Battle of Townsend's PlantationCollapse )

The neighbors across the way are screaming at the top of their lungs about the Super Bowl (or at least I assume that is what they are yelling about.)  I hate to complain about passion, but it is very annoying.

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Jan. 22nd, 2017 06:50 pm Books and Birds

It's been a busy couple weeks of work and late evenings as activities renew, but nothing much of note has happened to cause me to write until now.  I didn't watch any of the inauguration (although I did see a bald eagle on the golf course), but it made me think back to eight years ago, and how different the mood was then!  I feel somewhat guilty for not doing anything to protest, but I have the feeling there will be something eventually.

I visited my new doctor Wednesday morning, and it seemed to go well enough, although it took several hours, and I may be his youngest patient.  I had bloodwork to get for both him and the rheumatologist Friday (leaving me about a quart low, it felt) and then errands after that.  But even though the library had been closed for both Monday and Sunday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I was anxious to visit again, as I had several books to check out (to say nothing of browsing the DVDs), I decided to hold out until Sunday.

Saturday I got up early (comparatively) to go to church and work on the college and career rooms.  It took me about two hours to tape everything on the walls for painting.  They hadn't gotten lunch yet when I left, and I decided to forgo the doughnuts to get some food after stopping by Birdapalooza.

BirdapaloozaCollapse )

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Jan. 9th, 2017 08:19 pm Vampires in Winter

I'd thought I might finish Vampire:  the Masquerade Bloodlines New Year's Eve, but after a difficult battle I decided I'd had enough for the night.  I'm glad, because there turned out to be quite a bit more game (and difficult battles, although I only had to resort to cheats once) and I didn't end up finishing the game until Friday.  (For fun, I only played the game at night, but I didn't really have any opportunity to play it during the day anyway.)  Overall, I liked it, but I'm still a little aghast at the lack of guys to romance.

I didn't have work until Wednesday (and no church that evening) so I had somewhat more time, but most of ended up going towards putting up the Christmas decorations and trying to schedule tutoring times.  I did have a relaxing day Saturday, which was grey and rainy as it finally got really cold.  It was almost freezing when I got up Sunday (although sixty degrees in the house.)  I had a fire that night, and even with long pajamas I had to get an extra blanket.

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Dec. 31st, 2016 02:43 pm Your 2016 Year-End Post

In some ways, I'm surprised that another year is already passed.  It feels like I was just writing 2015's entry.  But reading over this year's entries, a lot did happen.  More than I thought, perhaps camoflaged by all that stayed the same.

Spring was a time of tutoring and space.  Tutoring kept me relatively busy.  But between a visit to the planetarium, one of my students studying earth/space science, and finishing with a visit to Kennedy Space Center in April, the stars above were surprisingly often on my mind.

As spring turned to summer my unemployment ran out and I attempted to get food stamps again, a frustrating process in failed bureacracy.  Yet, ironically, despite numerous interviews over the year (I think I had more interviews this year than any previous, albeit most of them with temp agencies, who only seem to interview when they have one particular job in mind) it was only after giving up on food stamps that my job luck started to turn around in August.  I got a new tutoring job, and one of my previous ones become more profitable.  In October I got yet more work, this from home.

All these jobs (and the hunting thereof) plus random surveys have kept me busy.  And there's been church choir(s since I started helping out with children's choir in the fall.)  In my entries I'm often surprised I didn't get to do as much as I hoped (or being amazed at how little or much I slept, which is somewhat related.) 

HealthCollapse )

Although there was nothing so dramatic as a trip to Alaska, the year wasn't without seeing the sights.  There was Kennedy Space Center, showing my aunts Winter Park, two bear sightings, and all the old forts of Georgia and South Carolina.  Alas, after that and I started my new work, the only new place was the Orlando Eye (which took several tries.)  No wonder the fall sometimes seemed monotonous.

But that is what entertainment is for.  In movies I mostly stuck to Marvel and (by a vast margin) Rifftrax productions.  Everything else I can watch at home.  Besides the reliable library DVDs, with the new smart TV I could watch Netflix even easier than before.  And I rediscovered YouTube as a source of entertaining videos.  And there are always books to read.

Electric AdventuresCollapse )

So this was my 2016.  I tutored a lot of math, visited a nature park in Eustis, got a Slurpee in Thunderbolt, watched a lot of Star Trek, changed political parties, catsat, finished Heroine's Quest, made hummus, got a new car, saw Bill Bryson, and helped out with VBS.  That was my year.

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Dec. 26th, 2016 10:52 pm Christmastime

Despite planning to write an entry before our Christmas trip, I never got around to it last week.  I had work Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday were pleasantly busy with shopping, including the usual mall visit.  There were many people and babies and I enjoyed the holiday atmosphere and not having to buy anything as much as I enjoyed actually buying things for my family elsewhere.  And of course I finished with a visit to Barnes and Noble that left my upper legs sore the next day.

Christmas JourneyCollapse )

To my surprise, I slept until 11:30; apparently I needed yet still more sleep.  I had enough time to get some work done before heading to the parents' for gifts and (eventually) food.  I got clothes, soap, money, gift cards, (my) pictures, salami, shrimp, kitchen appliances, lots of candy, and more.

It was weird to be in North Carolina so shortly, but it was still nice to see family, and it's nice to be home again so quickly.  I hope I get some time to relax and enjoy my gifts this week in the midst of work and de-decorating and everything else.

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Dec. 16th, 2016 07:58 pm Electric Adventures

I didn't end up tutoring Thursday, either, so Monday was the only day I worked last week thanks to being sick (besides my at-home stuff, of course.  Glad to have that!)  But I gradually felt better, and I was mistaken about us having a play to go to Saturday, so for the first time in awhile I had a Saturday to do nothing but relax.

Since I managed to finish the last Blackwell game (which was kind of a downer, although overall I liked the game and series) it was time to download a couple more of the games I'd bought awhile ago and hadn't yet played.  (I still feel kind of bad I haven't finished Star Trek:  25th Anniversary or Shadow of the Templars first like I planned, because it'll be tough to go back and do so after these more anticipated games, but I wanted to treat myself for the holidays.)

There was Memoria, a pretty and hopefully interesting adventure game, which turned out to take longer downloading than I thought.  So I started first playing the Vampire:  the Masquerade Bloodlines game.  That was a blast from the past.  I've never played the game, but I'm familiar with the game's publisher.  And of course I played Vampire tabletop back in college.  I was actually able to dig up my old character sheet pretty quickly (pretty impressive, considering it's older than this Livejournal) and base my first character on that.

I haven't actually gotten to do much since, however.  Although I didn't sing Sunday night (I was still using the occasional cough drop until yesterday) I didn't end up getting much done but a nap.  And I didn't get home until after eight the next couple nights.  I slept late and should have been getting plenty of rest, but I woke up tired.  Finally Wednesday night I slept almost eleven hours.

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