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Chronicle of Days Past

May. 25th, 2017 08:00 pm Edge of Summer

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It was a bit strange to go straight back to work the next day.  I'll be glad of Memorial Day.  And I haven't had a Saturday to just relax and do nothing in over a month.  And I have plenty of relaxing to do.  I have several books to finish, and because of the long weekend I already picked up their replacements.

And after months of trying to mod the ending, I've finally started a game of Mass Effect 3 and I'm really enjoying it, as well as knowing I can take more characters through the games and not have to worry about the ending anymore.  (And there are still eight million other games I have to play, too.)

My tutoring's coming to an end, and I'm not sure if there will be any in the summer besides math, and that'll probably be quieter (though who knows.)  With it being stormy Wednesday and graduation, we'd only had four students by the time I left at 4:30 (I didn't mind too much, as I went home and slept for an hour.)  At least I had bookkeeping in the morning.

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May. 14th, 2017 06:16 pm GOOOOOOOOOAAAL!

Friday, after months of trying, I finally got the ending of Mass Effect 3 edited sufficiently for my desires.  All of that and I was mostly just trying to change the end credits music, but was having trouble finding something that worked with the somewhat haphazard arrangement I needed to get the other changes I wanted.  But finally Friday I found the correct mix of modded files to do that, and I'm very happy.

Although I was initially looking forward to finally having a Saturday just hanging around the house (it's been awhile), a sudden chance to go to a soccer game that night changed my plans.  I grew more hesitant when, after what's almost becoming a habit of Winn-Dixie shopping and Chinese food for lunch, it started to pour for the first time in weeks and contined all afternoon.

But as we drove downtown, the rain finally let up, and our walk from the parking garage to the stadium was dry.  We were waiting in line to get in just as the national anthem was sung.  I was surprised at the closeness of the field to the stands (oftentimes a ball would get kicked into them and thrown back.)  Key and I ended up sitting almost directly behind one of the goals and had a great view.

Not one to often watch sports, I was worried I'd be bored, but the game moved fast.  Also, since we knew someone on the opposing team (who'd helped get our tickets, in fact) I felt I could equally root for both teams, which was nicely unstressful.  I was glad when we decided to leave halfway through the second half.  I'd had about enough.

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May. 11th, 2017 12:45 pm Hot Nights

May first was a busy day.  I was up early for a dentist's appointment, then to the rheumatologist, then straight to work.  The next day Papa came over and fixed my kitchen cabinet door, which had been hanging half open for weeks, and then a guy from the energy company came and updated my peak time shutoff system.  I hope it leads to savings and not sweatings.

Wednesday was long as usual, so I was very glad we didn't have choir.  My tutoring Thursday ended up being moved to Friday, but I had a busy evening at church with dinner and a VBS meeting (I don't know what I'll be doing with that yet.)  Thursday was also the day Papa had surgery on his arm, which went well.

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Sunday night was the children's choir performance.  Despite getting enough sleep, I went home in the afternoon and collapsed into bed for two and half hours until the alarm woke me to get up for that.  I wonder how long I would have slept?

It's been dry and hot, and the air conditioning went out at Mathnasium Monday.  Hopefully I sweated off some pounds.  I thought about finally going for a swim today, but the pool looked a bit greenish and the circulation didn't seem to be on.

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Apr. 30th, 2017 07:18 pm Nature, Sleep, and Chinese Food

Lake LotusCollapse )

Afterwards I headed to Walmart, cursing myself for forgetting to bring a check to deposit at Fairwinds.  I picked up lunch at Steak 'n Shake (filling, but not that exciting.)  I had too much dessert that night, and was still so full I could barely eat my Chinese food for lunch with Key Sunday.

We watched a MST3K, but we barely had time before I had to go for the choir worship night.  We went through the whole thing before we did it, so my legs were in agony before the end.  And Sunday evening is my usual nap time, so that was tiring as well.

The week proceeded much as usual, save Mommy calling every night from Hawaii.  Thursday Key and I went to see Urinetown at Rollins.  It wasn't something I'd have initially thought I'd enjoy, but the songs were surprisngly catchy and we had very good seats.  On the way home I had a good view as a deer passed in front of me.

I'd planned to go to the local foliage festival Saturday, but I needed gas, so I swung by there first.  Since I had slept late this time, it was almost noon by the time I got to the festival, and all the parking cost $5, which was too rich for my blood.  I headed to Winn Dixie, where I was soothed by great deals and Chinese food for lunch.

The parents got home about 1:30 and we had Arby's.  It was good to see them, but we left early (all to rest, I suppose.)  I ended up sleeping almost three hours.

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Apr. 20th, 2017 04:10 pm Around Easter

It's been awhile, but I could never seem to find time to post.  Holy Week would have been even busier, but I had a bit of a sore throat Palm Sunday, and I hoped by resting it by not practicing on Wednesday and our extra practice Tuesday I'd be well enough to sing Sunday.  It worked!

It seemed a bit strange to even have regular children's choir Wednesday.  And I heard some schools were even open Good Friday!  I was shocked when my private college didn't get Good Friday off.  And we used to get off Rosh Hoshanah in public school.  Never mind whenever they have spring break, Good Friday is a religious holiday.

Well, I had the day off (as usual) anyway.  The night before was Rifftrax, and we ate dinner at Longhorn before.  It was nice because it'd been sometime since I'd been to a sit-down restaurant.  And then the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 show started on Netflix, although we didn't watch any until Easter.

After church on Easter we opened our presents.  I got some clothes, a Rifftrax gift certificate, HD TV antenna, gift certificates, and a new phone case.  We went to meet the fake family at the park.  Despite the occasional wasp, it was a nice day, and there was ham and salad and macaroni and cheese and baked beans to enjoy, with brownies for dessert.  We talked, then headed back around four.

Although I was tired, I was glad to finally watch one of the new MST3K episodes.  With all of us there on a Sunday afternoon (Papa falling asleep), it reminded me of long ago when I used to tape the episodes that'd air in the wee early hours and we would watch them that afternoon after church.

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Apr. 7th, 2017 06:56 pm Hits and Misses

I found myself a bit frustrated earlier in the week when I realized I wanted to watch Galaxy Quest this week, but it wasn't streaming on Netflix as I'd thought.  Fortunately it was at the local library, but I only discovered this after my visit Sunday and after I drove right by on my way home Monday.  I couldn't think when I'd get a chance to go again with my schedule during the rest of the week, and I was nervous someone else would check it out, but I woke up nice and early Tuesday, so I had plenty of time to go out after lunch and by the library.

On my way it got cloudier and cloudier and darker, and I could feel the moisture in the air increase.  It just started to sprinkle and thunder as I got home and inside.  That was when I received a message from my students' guardian about canceling tutoring due to the weather.  It did storm the rest of the afternoon, but I still rather missed the tutoring.

I got up bright and early again Wednesday to go to the German American club.  Fortunately there was a lot of food for lunch this time, with plenty I liked.  I went to the bank and then to my other work, where I had enough time to fit my exercise in by walking around the shopping center.

Thursday I was saddened to discover that Comics Alliance, whose articles and reviews I've really been enjoying, has shut down suddenly.  That leaves me pretty much out of a reliable place for episode reviews for any shows I watch, too.  I'm still down about it.

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Mar. 31st, 2017 09:45 am Needs and Wants

I was worried about this week being busy, but I had plenty of time Monday before work.  Of course, then it was straight to the dogs', although I guess I shouldn't call it that when I'm not there for dogsitting.  I was mostly there to drive Paige to the bus stop in the morning.  I was starving and fortunately there was baked spaghetti.  Page went to bed early and I went to bed before midnight with a horrible headache after reading a book.

I was able to sleep some more after I got back home Tuesday, and I went to bed earlier after helping Paige with math and finishing another book.  Wednesday was the tough day.  After dropping Paige off, I jumped in the shower to wash off the doggie smell, did my online work, then headed out to the German American Society.  By the time we'd finished everybody'd torn through the food they'd made, so I decided to eat elsewhere.  I had just enough time to get home and eat before leaving again for work.

Work was busy, but quieted down near the end, giving me hope I might leave early enough to grab dinner before church.  But I ended up staying just long enough to negate that possibility.  After choirs, I didn't get home until almost nine.  Next week'll be similar, except I have to get to German American at 8:30 and I think choir'll go longer.

Yesterday, however, was different entirely.  Because I hadn't heard back about tutoring, it felt like a Friday.  I did a bunch of laundry and caught up on shows.  In the evening I decided to do my shopping, since I saw it'd be rainy today.  I started off at Winn Dixie, but was greatly disappointed to discover they were out of diet Kountry Mist, which was largely the main reason I went there.  I got some other stuff, but now I'll have to make another visit in the next couple days just to get that, because I still need it.

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Mar. 26th, 2017 06:32 pm Spring Breaking

Because it was Spring Break for the local schools, I was hoping last week would be quiet and refreshing, and it was to some extent, but it still ended up being busier than I thought.  Monday at work we were dead for the first hour, but then several of our regulars came in.  I ended up only having two students, but I still worked until seven.

Despite not having anywhere to go (it's been a long time since that's been true for a weekday), I got an average amount done Tuesday.  Then I actually went to bed early enough to get enough sleep despite having to get up early the next morning.  But I couldn't get to sleep for anything, and then when I did I didn't sleep well.

WednesdayCollapse )

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All this happened before I headed out to get bloodwork and then to get my haircut and also some more shopping.  I got food (Chinese) after this, and ended up eating at two, which didn't leave me very hungry even for a late supper.

Saturday I also went out to stop by the local avian society's event.  I always enjoy seeing and hearing about the birds, and I got to pet a donkey.  Then I went to get lunch at McDonald's, but after learning that their yogurt machine was on the fritz, I left and got Chinese.  Since I had to wait for that to be ready, I ended up eating at two again.

The nicest thing about the week, I think, was having plenty of time to watch lots of stuff.  I finished a kids' show I mainlined on Netflix over the past two weeks, but also caught up on some other stuff and just generally felt less rushed.

I had a solo this morning in church.  I'm glad, though I was a little concerned when we couldn't find the lyrics or when I didn't know what the weeks' colors were (whatever we wanted, it turned out.)

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Mar. 16th, 2017 06:00 pm Weathering

I don't know how Thursdays became my designated Livejournal day somehow.  This hasn't been intentional.

The wedding shower Saturday was in the depths of Casselberry at a little women's club that reminded me deeply of the place the last (and I think only other) wedding shower I'd been to.  (It may even have been the same one, for all I remember.)  There was lots of great Italian food, and we didn't even stay for dessert.

A cold front and finally some jacket weather finally got me out on the bike again Wednesday.  I think it may be heavier than the other one, or there's something with the gears.  I may be out of practice, but even that wouldn't make it this difficult.  I know these roads, and I'm not getting the kind of speed or strength I did before.

It was so rough that after what should not have been a difficult ride I had to collapse on someone's sidewalk over on Lake Francis and just lie there for a bit until I didn't feel like throwing up.  When I opened my eyes I was met with a lovely sight of beautiful spring green leaves against the cloudless blue sky.

The cold has continued through today; I'll try to have a (probably last for the year) fire tonight.

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Mar. 9th, 2017 07:43 pm March Winds

Although my oak has long since lost leaves and sprung new green, the local pines have just changed color.  This lead to me catching the odd sight of a bird's nest in current use in tree of colorful fall leaves.  This was during a rare spurt of cold weather.  It's been mostly hot, but there has been some nice cool breezes, and I'm hopeful there will at least be some occasion for pants still yet to come.

Last week was pretty rough work-wise, and then I had a pseudo-interview and a bunch of paperwork to do after one of my tutoring companies was transferred to a new owner.  But I did manage to finish editing my Glacier Bay photos and organizing my Alaska pictures thusfar (still half of them to edit, though.)  Today I posted for the first time in a year.

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I think the lack of Dragon Age has also helped me get to bed earlier, which has meant getting up a bit earlier and thus having more time to get things done.  But this is also due to the whims of my ever-inexplicable sleep schedule.  Still, it's so nice not to feel rushed and feel like I actually got some stuff done.

I still miss having a day of the week where I didn't have something to do in the late afternoon.  I miss my Friday shopping days.  Maybe next week.

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